Slow Cooker Pork Recipes

These pork recipes for the slow cooker are a must-try as they’re super delicious. I highly recommend trying the sweet and sour pork.

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A Couple of Notes About Pork

There are lots of different pork dishes that you can make in the slow cooker, and we have only touched on a couple.

The best cut of pork to use in the slow cooker depends on what you’re making. I will go through a few quick examples.

If you’re making pulled pork, then something like the pork shoulder (Boston Butt) will work best. By the time it’s ready, the meat should easily pull apart.

Pork belly is also a popular cut to use in the slow cooker. The long cooking time allows for the meat to tenderize and become packed with flavor. To get the fat crispy, you will need to do some frying after the slow cooking process.

The loin will also work great in the slow cooker. This cut of meat is a bit leaner than most, but it is still a great cut to use in the slow cooker. You will often find this used in roast-like dishes.

Lastly, pork ribs are excellent in the slow cooker and will come out moist and tender. It’s undoubtedly a must-try if you have never tried making ribs in the slow cooker.

We have tons of other slow cooker recipes that you should try. We cover all sorts of different cuts of meat, cuisines, and so much more. So, be sure to check them out if you want to take full advantage of your slow cooker.

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