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Slow Cooker Banana Pudding

This sweet, gooey slow cooker banana pudding is an amazing dessert that you get cooking hours ahead of when you need it.

This is far from the traditional banana pudding that you might know and love. This one is a pudding mix that is self-saucing so that means by the end of cooking you’re left with an incredible “butterscotch” sauce. This saves you having to do any extra work when it comes to extra sauces with the pudding.

If you have an excess number of bananas that need using then this recipe is perfect. I only recommend two in the recipe but you can go up to 4 if you want it extra strong in banana flavours.

You can also make banana bread in the slow cooker if you want to. Like this recipe, it’s a great way to make use of any overripe bananas you might have.

The leftovers of this pudding so good for breakfast the next day. The sauce helps ensure that the pudding remains nice and moist so it won’t go dry when you reheat it. Simply keep in the fridge of freezer until you need it.

There is a ton of extras that you can have with this tasty slow cooker dessert. The sauce is usually more than enough but if you’re looking to go one step further then some vanilla ice cream, custard or cream work incredibly well with this dish.

If you like seeing how a recipe is done visually then be sure to check out the video below. It goes through all the steps to making this amazing pudding and won’t take up too much time.

Slow Cooker Banana Pudding

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