A Couple of Notes About Pasta

Delicious slow cooker pasta recipes are perfect if you need to feed a crowd without spending a fortune. They’re all pretty easy to prepare, and the result is a flavor-packed meal that the family can enjoy.

Almost all the pasta sauce recipes on this website are from scratch. We try to make sure we use easily accessible ingredients while also simplifying the process of preparation and cooking of a dish without sacrificing quality.

With most of these recipes, I recommend cooking the pasta out of the sauce, but you can do it in it. Cooking in the sauce will result in a thicker gluggy sauce but makes fewer dishes. You can also have something other than pasta with the sauce such as potato mash, noodles and more.

There are a ton of different types of pasta sauce that you’re able to cook up in your slow cooker. These sauces include stroganoff, bolognese, ragu, lasagnas, and so much more.

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