4+ Slow Cooker Apple Recipes

Apples are one of those ingredients that work so well when it comes to slow cooking. These slow cooker apple recipes are perfect for anyone who has a ton of apples that need using.

You can use any type of apple in the slow cooker, but for the best results, it’s recommended you use stewing or baking apples. We tend just to use whatever is around, and the dishes always cookout to be great.

There is a huge range of apple dishes that you can do in the slow cooker. This range of recipes includes condiments such as apple butter or tasty desserts like an apple crisp. There is so much that you’re able to do.

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Absolutely Gorgeous Slow Cooker Apple Cobbler

Slow Cooker Apple Cobbler

This simple yet amazing slow cooker apple cobbler is made from scratch making it perfect if you’re wary of using packet mixes. The apple cooks to be tender, and the cake turns out nice and fluffy.

Much like a lot of apple dishes for the slow cooker, this dish goes perfectly with a dollop of cream. It is also perfect with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream.


Incredible 3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Apple Dump Cake

slow cooker apple dump cake
All you need is three very simple ingredients to make this rich apple dump cake. It’s the perfect easy slow cooker apple recipe for when you’re low on money.

This cake cooks out to be sweet, fluffy and goes perfectly with some ice cream or something similar. If you want to mix things up, you can add some spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg to the cake mix.


Incredibly Delicious Slow Cooker Apple & Rhubarb Crisp

slow cooker apple and rhubarb crisp
Apple and rhubarb is a delicious combination that works incredibly well in the slow cooker. Once cooked, this apple and rhubarb crisp will have a filling that is sweet and gooey. The oat topping will also crisp up when you leave the lid off for the last hour of cooking.

As with any slow cooker dessert, this is best enjoyed with some hot custard, heavy cream or ice cream. The choice is yours!


Slow Cooker Baked Apples with a Crunchy Oat & Raisin Filling

slow cooker baked apples
“Baked” apples in the slow cooker are surprisingly tasty. The apples cookout to be tender, and the filling is absolutely amazing. One thing you need to be careful with is the apples may start to fall apart, they might not look as good, but they still taste amazing.

These apples are fine just on their own, but if you want to go the extra step, then some delicious ice cream goes well with these.


Simply Sweet Slow Cooker Apple Sauce

Slow Cooker Apple Sauce
This delicious slow cooker apple recipe is the perfect way to make a ton of apple sauce in bulk. This sauce is great if you’re having a gathering and need to feed a lot of people.

If you end up with too much applesauce, then you can always freeze it for later. It also works pretty well in other desserts and baked goods.


Incredible Homemade Slow Cooker Apple Butter

slow cooker apple butter
This rich apple butter is the perfect way to preserve a ton of excess apples. It cooks out to have a lovely deep color and tastes absolutely amazing. Much like the apple sauce this too can be used in baked goods and desserts.

To have it last as long as possible you will need to look at preserving it in some jam jars. The sterilization process isn’t tricky but can be daunting if you haven’t done it before.


Delicious Slow Cooker Apple Crisp

Slow Cooker Apple Crisp
This incredible apple crisp cooks to have a lovely gooey filling and an incredible crispy topping. It’s packed with flavors from the apple, cinnamon and the crunchy oat topping. This dish is certainly an apple dessert that you need to try out.

You can have this apple crisp just on its own, or you can have it with some delicious extras. Extras include stuff such as ice cream, hot custard or even a drizzle of heavy cream.

These slow cooker apple recipes are incredibly delicious, and I hope you think the same. I am continually working on more recipes so be sure to give us a follow if you want to stay up to date on all our latest tasty recipes.


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